Advisor in Clinical Molecular Biology Position, Full Time

Oncompass Medicine Hungary Kft
Location: Budapest, 1024. Retek u. 34.

Oncompass Medicine (OCM) http://www.oncompassmedicine.com/ is a leading international precision medicine company which provides molecular diagnostics based decision support service for cancer patients.

You would be joining our multidisciplinary team advancing the field of precision medicine in Oncology

Job description:

Oncompass Medicine Hungary Kft. invites applications for a Full Time Medical Expert position working with a team of scientists, doctors, bioinformaticians, case coordinators and regional field managers.

Candidate is expected to be a team player and a team builder who likes working in a dynamic environment and field. She/he needs to be patient oriented while serving the oncology community.

Candidate will have the opportunity to work from home office after proper in-house training


Medical Expert responsibilities

1.     Serves as a liaison between physicians and patients and their families 

2.     Actively participate in our molecular tumorboard to discuss oncology cases, propose testing and targeted treatment options and opportunities

3.     Assists in the communication and clarification of tumor molecular diagnostic results to patients and clinicians

4.     Provides results disclosure 

5.     Assists local or international patients accessing targeted therapy (contacting clinical trials nationally and internationally, prepare offlable documents, contacts pharma companies)

6.     Introduces and presents current and future Oncompass products to potential clients

7.     May travel to cancer centers representing our company and promoting our services 


1.    Have experience working with patients in clinical setting

2.     Besides Hungarian, advanced English speaking and writing skills (any additional languages is a plus)

3.     Experience in clinical oncology is an advantage 

4.     Medical degree (MD or PHD) and/or molecular biology background is an advantage

5.     Computer skills

How to apply?
If interested, please contact our HR department.

Contact person: Henriett Drost 
Email: job@oncompassmedicine.com     
Phone: +36-70-366-5637


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